Saviour of the World
by E.H. “Jack” Sequeira


This book is a plea for understanding of a truth that the devil has distorted in order to prevent that most precious message that God intended to lighten the world with His glory over a hundred years ago.  All spiritual decline starts with a false or perverted understanding of the gospel.  It is my sincere prayer that the reader, upon completing this book, will first and foremost be willing to surrender to the conviction of the Holy Spirit no matter what the cost may be.

Today, many are going into Christless graves because we as a people have failed to manifest the matchless charms of our Lord and Saviour in word and action.  I have written this book, not to add to the controversy that is now raging in regard to what kind of human nature Christ assumed at the incarnation, nor to present arguments to win a debate.  I have written to men and women who sincerely desire to know the truth as it is in Christ so that their Christian experience may be one of peace, joy, hope, and victory, thus glorifying their Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ.

Further, I have written this book for those who are seeking answers, facts, and explanations concerning the most important subject that should occupy the mind of every Seventh-day Adventist.  What is the everlasting gospel God raised up the advent movement to proclaim to humanity in its global mission?  Are we just another denomination that God has added to the many denominations already existing?  Or are we a prophetic people with a prophetic mission?

The facts concerning the post-Fall view of the human nature of Christ are before you.  Whatever position you decide to take, I pray that your deepest desire will be to believe and uphold only what is true — that you will be willing to stand up for truth even if it means losing friends or being considered as belonging to a “lunatic fringe.”  Truth, in church history, has never been popular or embraced by the majority.  But it has been cherished by men and women who have been willing to put their lives on the line though the heavens fall.

Finally, as I said at the beginning of this book, my desire is for unity in the faith on this important subject that was part and parcel of that most precious message God brought to this church in 1888.  I pray that, as you have read this book, you have done so with a willingness to listen, to think, and to consider honestly.  As Adventist Review editor William G. Johnsson correctly expressed it in his second article on the topic of the human nature of Christ:

Adventist Review, 22 July 1993
We see, then, that the stakes in this debate are high.  This isn’t some abstract theological discussion — it’s about our salvation; it’s about the very gospel God calls us to proclaim

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